Plainsboro Office of
Emergency Management (POEM)

  • Why should you prepare?

    The goal of the Plainsboro Office of Emergency Management (POEM) is to prepare the citizens of Plainsboro for potential disasters and provide a coordinated response in the event of a disaster.  Emergency response is a coordinated effort involving the Plainsboro Police Department, Fire Department and Rescue Squad.  In the event of a natural or man - made disaster, the Plainsboro Office of Emergency Management  will provide disaster aid and assistance in areas ranging from search and rescue to shelter and mitigation.

    By registering for public safety notifications you will receive all current information about: weather related alerts, homeland security alerts, amber and silver alerts, power failures, fire emergencies, public health warnings, pending evacuations, road closings, and heating and cooling stations within the township. 

    To register for public safety notifications visit our sign up page.